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Fiction: Firsts 
14th-Mar-2009 09:24 pm
Conner/Trent: Heart
This one is for arytra and since her little amigurumi has yet to reach her I'm considering this my White Day gift to her. Hope she doesn't mind.

Also...five months on Monday. ::goofy grin::

I'm not 100% pleased with the ending but really when am I ever 100% pleased with any of my works? Outside of cloud_sama's corset pillow that is. That pattern takes forever but oh man does it work up nice!

Anywho... Enjoy a story that took forever to write!

Oh and quick note. The Fire is Chicago's soccer team, the Duck's are something I pulled from the web, which if I read the site right, should be from arytra's area.

Title: Firsts
Pairing: Conner/Trent
Notes: Rated M (for the ending, though the rest is like PG/PG-13), the development of Conner/Trent's relationship from their first meeting to the end of the series.

When Conner first met Trent he was a total ass. He hadn’t done it intentionally its just that Trent had the unfortunate timing of moving to town when Conner was still struggling with the concept that it was okay to branch out and make friends outside your stereotype. Therefore he was still guilty of the “I can kick a ball into a goal so I’m cooler then you” mentality. Thankfully Trent was the patient sort. Plus by that point Kira had gotten pretty good with the whole ‘Hitting Conner in the back of the head to knock some sense into him’ maneuver and he had the bruises to prove it.

The first time that they held hands it was completely by accident and had surprised Conner so much that he almost walked right into a tree. The others had come to one of his games and Conner had scored the winning goal, without using his super speed thank you very much. He’d been so excited that he hugged everyone despite Ethan’s complaints about the smell of sweat.

When he hugged Trent though Conner just sort of lingered, enjoying the other teen’s distinctive spicy scent. His cheeks were red when he pulled away but when called on it Conner blamed it on the game. As they were walking to the café though his hand brushed up against Trent’s who grabbed hold of Conner’s instantly. Conner blushed again, thankfully Ethan was to busy talking with Kira to tease him about it, but Trent just smiled and gave him a small squeeze not even bothering to comment on how clammy Conner’s palm had been.

Even with Kira’s encouragement it took forever for Conner to get the courage to ask Trent out. He could take on an ambush of Tyrannodrones on an almost daily basis, battle with Mesogog’s scaly-faced monsters, and handle a pop quiz on top of it all. Spending time alone with someone he had feelings for though? That was the scary part. Naturally she had him do it in public as well as when Trent was working and she was standing over his shoulder because she claimed that if she didn’t supervise he’d never do it.

The two of them were sitting up at the bar; waiting for Trent to bring them their drinks and when he did Conner drowned his in one sitting. Kira, being a lady of course sat there stirring her drink with a straw and grinning, the kind of grin where you knew she was up to something but not sure what, just that it was going to mean trouble for you.

“Hey Conner,” she started taking a slow sip, “Didn’t you say you had something to ask Trent?”

Conner’s cheeks were pink as Trent looked over at him curiously, “Um yeah,” he rubbed at his mouth with the back of his hand wiping off the remains of his juice, “You hear about the game this weekend? The Fire are playing the Ducks, might be exciting.”

Trent blinked looking a little confused, even more so when he saw Conner wince and let out a high pitched yelp and duck down under the bar to rub his shin.

“Is he alright?” Trent asked Kira, brow furrowed.

Kira, who had just kicked Conner nodded, paying no mind to the taller teen as he straightened up and scowled at her, “He probably just pulled something during practice.” She paused to take another sip then glanced at Conner out of the corner of her eyes, “Didn’t you have something else to ask him?”

Conner took a deep breath and squeezed his eyes shut, an amusing image as he was facing Trent at the time and his cheeks were as red as his Ranger uniform. Opening his eyes he let out the breath with a woosh and along with it asked very quickly, trying not to wince as his voice squeaked like a kid going through puberty.

“Do you want to go out with me on Saturday?”

“Sure,” Trent grinned, “Meet here at noon?”

Collapsed in on his stool Conner just nodded mutely as Trent wandered off to take someone’s order and Kira sat next to him giggling.

“Shut up,” he grumbled under his breath, of course she didn’t listen.

As far as first dates went theirs wasn’t the worst, though it wasn’t the best by any means either but at lest there weren’t any monster attacks and Conner had managed to walk away from lunch not wearing most of it on his shirt. The movie though had been boring, making Conner wishing he’d picked the one with the explosions instead of all the explosions instead of the one with the subtitles. He doubted you were supposed to fall asleep on a date, thankfully Trent didn’t look that upset when he woke Conner up after the film by nudging him in the side he looked amused more then anything which only made the soccer player blush and grumble out an apology. He seemed to be doing that a lot around Trent, blushing that was.

It was not a total failure though because when Conner dropped Trent off at home the other teen turned to him and gave him a hug, saying he had a good time and that he was looking forward to next time. Grinning like a fool Conner drove the entire way home whistling.

Three weeks and two dates later they were walking home from school when the sky which had been threatening rain all day finally cracked open as the pair walked home from school, showering them both in their mad dash for the shelter of a nearby parks pavilion. Lighting split the sky and thunder boomed shortly after, an impressive storm that had left them drenched clothing sticking to them as the huddled together as they sat on top of a picnic bench.

When asked later Conner couldn’t remember who moved first, though Trent claimed that he nearly jumped into his lap after a particularly loud clap of thunder. The end result was the same though; hands fisted in wet t-shirts, noses smashed together, and Trent biting Conner’s lower lip on accident as they moved in at the same time. The first few were so short they might not really qualify as kisses, just faint touches of the lips, but then one of them realized if they tilted their head that way and the other moved just an inch it would work and they were clinging to each other.

Neither one had much experience, Trent’s had come from a game of spin the bottle back in Junior High and Conner, well really this was a first for him but he didn’t seem to be getting any complaints. Trent’s hand buried itself in Conner’s hair, his free arm wrapping around a strong waist to pull Conner as close to him as possible. The soccer star meanwhile was doing this thing with his tongue that made Trent whimper and when he parted his lips Conner’s tongue meet his and the world just melted away.

The next few months were slow, uneventful outside of the usual monster attack. Which was fine with both parties, what they had was too important to loose and they knew better then anyone how precious the simple things could be. There were of course still the shared touches, stolen kisses in between battles, and the occasional date when down time presented itself. Time moved on, the battles increased, and down time practically vanished. The entire team was stressed and Trent holding out on them about his Father didn’t help matters. It was rough all around for a moment and no one was sure they’d even see peace again but they refused to give in, refused to admit defeat.

They fought and they won.

Their first night together was prom night. Cliché as it was it was also the first night where they weren’t carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. It was nice to get a chance to just breath and be with one another. They weren’t the Red and White Rangers, there were no minions, no odd looking monsters, just Conner and Trent, the soccer star and the artist.

Trent’s father was still off chaperoning when Trent lead the way through a dark house and locked the bedroom door behind them with an audible click. They just stared at each other for a moment, not exactly sure who should make the first move. Then Trent was in Conner’s arms and clinging to him like as if he was a life preserver. Their movements were hurried and rushed, limbs tangled in clothing as they tried to undress but were unwilling to let go of one another.

When they finally made it to the bed there was a scattering of clothing littering their path, Trent’s white shirt was in a crumpled mess on the floor a stark contrast to Conner’s black tuxedo jacket lying not far from it. Their shoes were abandoned and Conner’s red bow tie was untied and slipping off his neck as Trent made short work of the buttons on the dress shirt before pulling it off and tossing it to the side to join the other articles of clothing where two pairs of dress pants quickly followed.

They slowed then, dressed only in their underwear, taking the time to explore each other in the dim lighting. Trent’s hand ran slowly over Conner’s chest, developed from hours on the field, his thumb pad brushing over one of the few battle scars they both wore. Conner sighed and closed his eyes, he moved in closer to Trent whimpering softly when the hand was moved away. It was quickly replaced with a mouth as Trent nipped down Conner’s neck before pausing at the collar bone his hot breath and moist tongue being enough to make Conner’s toes curl and long fingers dug into Trent’s shoulders. When Trent chuckled and continued to slowly tease him all of Conner’s restraint left him and he soon had his shorter partner pinned to the matters, leaning on his elbows with their legs tangled and grinning down at him before moving in to kiss him deeply.

It was a tangled mass of sweaty limbs, arching backs, and desperate hands hungry for touches they couldn’t get enough of. Neither one had any experience, they went by touch, finding that Trent was sensitive around his stomach and the back of Conner’s neck was extremely ticklish. Soon they were clinging to one another, shuddering, Trent groaned as Conner whimpered his name collapsing against his chest then curling up beside him and pulling the sheet up to their waists.

They slept until noon and thankfully Mr. Mercer didn’t question why Conner was joining them for lunch and wearing some of his son’s clothing. Ethan just smirked, telling the taller teen while trying to keep a straight face, that white looked good on him. Kira promptly smacked him in the back of the head then wished the other to a pleasant Good Morning.

There would be rough spots of course, Trent was going to a New York art school in the fall and Conner hadn’t a clue what he was going to do with his future. However if being a ranger had taught them anything it was that there were things worth fighting for, worth protecting, this was one of them. For now though they were content on just focusing on the present.
15th-Mar-2009 02:40 am (UTC)
This was beautiful and wonderful and yay! And I loved it! And you have a thing for description that I can only dream of! It's wonderful, Love!

Happy White Day to you too! Thank you for my present!
15th-Mar-2009 10:25 am (UTC)
Wow Brit, this is awesome! I love how you've developed their relationship here and the 'cliche' prom night works perfectly (not to mention that it's really hot :) ) Love it loads; well done :)
15th-Mar-2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
the 'cliche' prom night works perfectly (not to mention that it's really hot :) )

You thought it was hot? Hmm...maybe I will go ahead with the Eiji/Tetsu whipped cream story then

Thank you!
15th-Mar-2009 07:28 pm (UTC)
Oooooh. Me likeyyyyy.
16th-Mar-2009 12:18 am (UTC)
Lots of fun, Brit! :)
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