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Princess Debut Drabble: Green Eyed 
26th-Jul-2009 10:03 pm
Kayashima: I See Dead People
I picked up a new video game for my DS on a whim Friday evening and it's called Princess Debut. Basically its a dating sim for girls where you learn to dance and win the heart of a collection of Prince Charmings. You get to pick the name for your character and her zodiac sign, the amount of affection you start out with for each prince seems to be based on the zodiac sign that you pick.

Basic Plot: There is a parallel world where there is another you. This other you comes through a closet to send you to her world so that you can be Princess for a season and take her place at dance lessons, the competitions (there's two of them), and picking a Prince to be a dance partner because she doesn't do very well at that stuff. Naturally you agree and you find that all the Princes are a parallel version of boys that you go to school with, they even have similar names. There are several things you can't unlock unless you play the game all the way through and with each Prince you have two different endings, one where you marry the Prince in the future and one where you return to your world and start to become close to your worlds version of said Prince.

You also have to dance and while its hard to fail a competition it isn't impossible. The dancing is done by tracing within the lines on the touch screen and you get extra points if you hit the star at just the right time. For every bad that you get though you loose five hundred points and if you get to many of them the dance will end. The Waltzes aren't difficult, except for the Vienna Waltz, and the Tango and Paso Doble is a lot of fun. You can't watch the dance while you do it though, or you'll screw up, so the game offers a movie option as well. I like this option because while the animation isn't as good as it could be (ie Princess Cynthia's dress eating Prince Klaus's legs) it's a lot of fun because they were actually created from watching real dancers preform the dances.

I'm really liking this game, enough to admit that yes I am addicted and I want to play until I get every single option and hidden goodies that's out there. I've even discovered a Walkthrough so that I can have help figuring out how to partner with a two elusive Princes. The main reasons I like this game.

1. It's fun, the dancing is easy to pick up and quite enjoyable plus I really like the music.
2. I played it straight through all on my own with no cheats, no help from outside sources, nadda. Just me. True it's not the toughest game out there but I'm proud of myself so silence you!

When I first played the game, using the name Princess Rin, I was worried about not getting a partner so I took up the first offer that I got which was from the class clown (in the normal world) who loved to play pranks and was named Prince Vincent or Vince for short. He came from the River Kingdom. The second time, as Princess Kotoha, I went with Prince Liam from the Green Kingdom who loved plants, cooking, and was very laid back. The issue with Liam though was that he constantly talks about his sister Olive who is sick and being taken care off in a far away kingdom.

The one thing that seems to be consistent throughout all the times I've played is that Vince is in love with the Princess. This never seems to change as he always asks to be her partner and you always find a bottle with a love letter to the Princess in it. It was while I was playing as Kotoha and Liam wouldn't shut up about his sister that I got the idea for my drabble. Kotoha had found the bottle with Vince's letter in it and I figured out that no matter what Vince was going to like her, cause I've got three games going now and have played two already and in all of them he likes her. So I thought I'd write about how he felt seeing Liam and Kotoha together.

Title: Green Eyed
Pairings: Princess Kotoha/Prince Liam
Notes/Ratings: G-PG rating, it's from Vince's point of view and he's angsting. Or is the right word emo? Hehe emo Prince! Anyway not completely sold on the ending, might redo it eventually. Everything in here is pulled out of the actual game play. Depending on which Prince you partner up with you get a special accesory from them which is magical and gives you a pretty dress to dance with. Vince gives you a beaded choker he made, while Liam gives you a lily hairpin and the game gives you the option to eat said hair pin. Nom nom...flora!

Standing in the doorway of the practice room watching as the duo talked, oblivious to everything around them, Vincent came to the conclusion that Liam was an idiot. It was true that the elder teen had more experience dancing, that he paid more attention to details then Vince who had always been more concerned about having fun then memorizing moves down to the very last step. Still if he’d been in Liam’s place, if he had been the one paired with Kotoha, then he wouldn’t be standing there comparing the Princess to his sister.

Olive this, Olive that, Olive’s favorite flower was lilies, Olive, Olive, Olive! It made the heir to the River kingdom so furious he wanted to smack Liam and even though it wouldn’t help matters his hand was just itching to do so. Kotoha already saw him as a child, his silly pranks had seen to that but he couldn’t stop himself from pulling them. The way she reacted, the flushed cheeks, the spark in her expression, it made him want to tease her even more. He’d even written her a love letter once but had felt so silly afterwards that he shoved it in a bottle he’d found on the shores of Rumba Beach and tossed it into the ocean, she wouldn’t have believed him if he’d given it to her anyway.

Vince stood there fuming, biting down on the inside of his cheek to keep his temper in check as he watched Liam give her the lily hairpin, his thoughts flashing back to the half finished beaded choker that was waiting for him back in his room. He made a mental note to get rid of it as soon as possible, there wasn’t any point to keeping it around now, and it was just a painful reminder. He could always finish it though and find some way to slip it to her in secret, even if he couldn’t outright give it to her Vince was still convinced she’d look lovely in it.

Liam was squeezing Kotoha’s hand now, a gentle smile on his face, and Vince couldn’t take it anymore. He slipped around the corner, hitting his fist against his thigh and squeezing his eyes shut in hopes of pushing the image of the pair together far into the darkest corner of his memories. If only he’d been a little bit more mature, smarter, or had been quick enough to ask her to partner before she even saw Liam. Then it would be him standing with her, him holding her as they spun across the ballroom floor. But he wasn’t and he didn’t. Shoving the door to the practice room open and stalking across the palace grounds on his way to Viennese Waltz Lake, Vince swallowed the hard lump in his throat, his heart tearing in two as he realized that he’d never stood a chance in the first place.
27th-Jul-2009 03:02 pm (UTC)
Those dating sims are always addictive.
28th-Jul-2009 07:28 am (UTC)
This is so heartbreakingly angsty, but still an enjoyable piece. I like the emotive content here, it carries through so well. It's a very well written ficlet, thanks for sharing :)
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