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What's Life Without A Few Dragons?
What's talent? Is it tasty?
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5th-Apr-2016 11:44 pm - Friends Only
Mizushima Hiro: Shine

Friend's Only!

Shadowhunters and Downworlders allowed, comment to be added.

The above banner was created by still_glorious and found on the graphics section of MundieSource.Net, a fansite for the Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare.

If you stumble across my journal and for some strange and unknown reason want to be part of my friends list just comment and I'll add you.

Note: All fiction is unlocked, or should be, if you come across one that is locked and your on my list please let me know so I can unlock it!

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18th-Mar-2011 11:58 pm - Fiction: Movie Night
Shun Oguri: Rui
After reading this my Da, having no clue who the characters even were or even that it was based on a Power Rangers series said:

"I don't see any reason why you can't make money doing this."

I was shocked. That's like, well really it IS the biggest compliment he's ever given me. The fact that he actually believes I have enough talent with my writing to do it professionally.

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20th-Jun-2010 03:11 pm - Father's Day Gift
MI: Dungeons and Dragons
This is what I wrote for my Da for Father's Day. I couldn't think of a good title and so I stuck with what I used to call him for years when I was a little girl. Keep in mind I haven't written anything since November when I figured I'd given up writting completely. Aunt Mary was rather fond of this though when I read it to her over the phone then again she is my Aunt and she still claims I made up Chicken Handles. I think she's ready to go after Paula Dean for the copyrights!

Just kidding, Aunt Mary is made of win. Oh also, I don't have a computer or net access so I'm writing this at Da's on his so I wont see any comments so yeah....

For John Daddy

It's true Erin shouldn't of been playing ball in the house, what with it being against the rules and all that. Though if anyone had seen the amazing arch she'd gotten or the spin that followed Erin figured she couldn't really be blamed for a little rule breaking. Until the soccer ball landed with a crunch that echoed off the living room walls and made her flinch. Resisting the urge to simply run, a tactic which works best for broken windows and not busted property indoors, she edged closer to the center of impact one hand clutched tightly around her constant companion Marvin the sock monkey.

The sight that greeted her was a disaster of snapped strings, splintered wood, and inlaid pearl. Her Dad's prized banjo had plucked it's last duel, enjoyed its last accompaniment, and she was probably going to bed without any supper. Or worse, sold to passing gypsies. She was blond after all and the going rate was pretty high.

"This," Erin glared down at the brown sock monkey who was slumped beside her. "Is all your fault."
Naturally Marvin didn't respond. His little red yarn mouth didn't move an inch, but she still blamed him. She had to, there was no one else around and accepting that the fault lie with her was suicidal and she'd grown rather fond of living. Plus she was too cute to maim.

Nudging the wreckage with a sneakered toe Erin scowled and figured she was faced with three different options. One, she could hide the ruined instrument and hope that her Dad developed a sudden obsession with the brass family and devoted his free time to learning the tuba. Two, she could change her name and run away but she only had thirty dollars in her piggy bank and with the rate hike at the bus depot she wouldn't even get to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her third, and the best most logical option (because naturally honesty was out of the picture) was to figure out how to fix the sorry looking banjo.

Where was Dr. Strings when you needed him?

With an all business nod to Marvin who had slumped over onto his side and was staring up at her with a black beady gaze Erin rolled up her sleeves, "Time to get to work. I'll get the duct tape, you keep watch."

She dug through the kitchen junk drawer, pulling out duct tape, twine, and sealing wax while Marvin proved to be a poor sentry. Oliver, the cat, had slipped into the room and was presently chewing on one of his ears. When Erin came back into the room she shook her head and clucked her tongue but didn't dislodge Marvin. That's what happens to monkey's who abandon their posts.

Two hours later found her sitting in her room fuming and ignoring Marvin who lay beside her complete with dripping ear. It had been hard to hide the evidence when she managed to super glue some of the banjo's neck to her pants. Her Dad didn't buy the argument that it was Marvin who broke it or that if you thought about it she might actually have made the banjo better! Since now it had seven strings and made a clunking noise when you tuned it.

"You are in so much trouble mister!" Erin scowled at Marvin with her hands crossed over her chest "Now there won't be butterscotch putting with dinner!"

Marvin lay there blissfully ignoring her and dripping cat drool onto her comforter. She stuck out her tongue at him and flopped backwards on to her bed succumbing to her month long grounding. It could be worse, it could have been manual labor and Erin was far too young for dish pan hands.

"It's all your fault," she grumbled.
14th-Oct-2009 06:50 pm - update
Shun Oguri: Hoodie
Trying to think of something interesting to write since I haven't updated in ages but am drawing a blank. Also they 'i' key doesn't work unless pressed hard...amazing how you never realize how much you need a letter till its AWOL.

* Works okay, kind of hard now cause I'm sick but stuff happens. Got a homebase, Toddlers, and 40hrs give or take one or two so that's good.

* Still single, no real surprise there.

* Had a small surgery on Monday night, cried and screamed like a baby. Thought it was a spider bite, the doctors say I have MRSA instead. Its not pretty, the link or my knee. Totally understand if you don't look. But if things go well they will sew me up next week. Biggest problems right now is remembering meds, keeping Summers Eve fresh *snickers* w/out getting the bandage wet, and moving....

Sit or stand up and try and lift your left leg. Easy right? Yeah not so much, mine wont do it and I have to physically pick it up.

Off to catch up on friends list! Many xoxoxoxo's to everyone!
17th-Aug-2009 09:04 pm - Thanks Jordan
Tetsu: Fly Away
*Please forgive my jumbled thoughts.*

Da's been on my case to volunteer for ages now, particularly at the I&M Canal's historical museum next door to me and doesn't seem to understand that it costs money to help out there. Turns out it costs money to help out at other places as well, like animal shelters. This never made any sense to me.

I was on my walk tonight, taking the long way home so I could enjoy a favorite song on iHiro v2.0 when I walked past a home that had recently been converted into a business. It's about a block from me if you go diagonally and I'd been wanting to go inside for awhile but someone in my knitting guild said that the woman who runs it was mean and there was a big word on the sign that prevented me from going in. Cancer.

I don't know if it was the migraine, the mood the music put me in, or if Mom was giving me a little nudge but I saw the open sign was still up and so today I finally decided to go inside and I'm really glad that I did. There are lots of pretty things in there, purses, jewelry, candles, inspirational signs, things for guys as well and I found out the meaning behind their quote on their sign; "Helping families with cancer Celebrate Life."

Thanks Jordan is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, this means that the money earned from the items stored in the store goes into a fund to help families dealing with cancer (the (c)3 bit means their exempt from some federal taxes I guess). They help with stuff like financial assistance (which includes money for treatments, medication, lodging, gas cards), emotional support, advocacy, and education. They are currently helping like four families, one of the patients they were helping recently passed away, and because cancer has been a huge part of my life for years (because of Mom's breast cancer, Grandma Janet's brain cancer, Da's short stint of skin cancer, and three scares for Aunt Mary and a small scare for myself) I was moved and finally decided I'd listen to Da and volunteer.

I offered my knitting and crochet experience to make goods for the store, my time, and if they ever need it my ability to work really well with kids. To be honest I'm rather pleased with myself and I haven't done anything for them yet. I'm really starting to think this was a nudge from Mom and I'm looking forward to helping.

26th-Jul-2009 10:03 pm - Princess Debut Drabble: Green Eyed
Kayashima: I See Dead People
I picked up a new video game for my DS on a whim Friday evening and it's called Princess Debut. Basically its a dating sim for girls where you learn to dance and win the heart of a collection of Prince Charmings. You get to pick the name for your character and her zodiac sign, the amount of affection you start out with for each prince seems to be based on the zodiac sign that you pick.

Basic Plot: There is a parallel world where there is another you. This other you comes through a closet to send you to her world so that you can be Princess for a season and take her place at dance lessons, the competitions (there's two of them), and picking a Prince to be a dance partner because she doesn't do very well at that stuff. Naturally you agree and you find that all the Princes are a parallel version of boys that you go to school with, they even have similar names. There are several things you can't unlock unless you play the game all the way through and with each Prince you have two different endings, one where you marry the Prince in the future and one where you return to your world and start to become close to your worlds version of said Prince.

You also have to dance and while its hard to fail a competition it isn't impossible. The dancing is done by tracing within the lines on the touch screen and you get extra points if you hit the star at just the right time. For every bad that you get though you loose five hundred points and if you get to many of them the dance will end. The Waltzes aren't difficult, except for the Vienna Waltz, and the Tango and Paso Doble is a lot of fun. You can't watch the dance while you do it though, or you'll screw up, so the game offers a movie option as well. I like this option because while the animation isn't as good as it could be (ie Princess Cynthia's dress eating Prince Klaus's legs) it's a lot of fun because they were actually created from watching real dancers preform the dances.

I'm really liking this game, enough to admit that yes I am addicted and I want to play until I get every single option and hidden goodies that's out there. I've even discovered a Walkthrough so that I can have help figuring out how to partner with a two elusive Princes. The main reasons I like this game.

1. It's fun, the dancing is easy to pick up and quite enjoyable plus I really like the music.
2. I played it straight through all on my own with no cheats, no help from outside sources, nadda. Just me. True it's not the toughest game out there but I'm proud of myself so silence you!

When I first played the game, using the name Princess Rin, I was worried about not getting a partner so I took up the first offer that I got which was from the class clown (in the normal world) who loved to play pranks and was named Prince Vincent or Vince for short. He came from the River Kingdom. The second time, as Princess Kotoha, I went with Prince Liam from the Green Kingdom who loved plants, cooking, and was very laid back. The issue with Liam though was that he constantly talks about his sister Olive who is sick and being taken care off in a far away kingdom.

The one thing that seems to be consistent throughout all the times I've played is that Vince is in love with the Princess. This never seems to change as he always asks to be her partner and you always find a bottle with a love letter to the Princess in it. It was while I was playing as Kotoha and Liam wouldn't shut up about his sister that I got the idea for my drabble. Kotoha had found the bottle with Vince's letter in it and I figured out that no matter what Vince was going to like her, cause I've got three games going now and have played two already and in all of them he likes her. So I thought I'd write about how he felt seeing Liam and Kotoha together.

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26th-Apr-2009 09:34 pm - Fiction:
ShinkenGreen: Tani Chiaki
I feel like I'm floating...

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14th-Mar-2009 09:24 pm - Fiction: Firsts
Conner/Trent: Heart
This one is for arytra and since her little amigurumi has yet to reach her I'm considering this my White Day gift to her. Hope she doesn't mind.

Also...five months on Monday. ::goofy grin::

I'm not 100% pleased with the ending but really when am I ever 100% pleased with any of my works? Outside of cloud_sama's corset pillow that is. That pattern takes forever but oh man does it work up nice!

Anywho... Enjoy a story that took forever to write!

Oh and quick note. The Fire is Chicago's soccer team, the Duck's are something I pulled from the web, which if I read the site right, should be from arytra's area.

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